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Seriously Advanced Poker Bots


Holdem Poker Bot

Description: Advanced auto-play Texas Holdem bot program that plays professional-level pokerat popular online poker rooms. Playing instructions are 100% user-customizable. Plays all game structures including MTT's.

Objective: Exploiting weak competition in cash games, earning rakeback & bonuses, and scoring high money finishes in tournaments while unattended.

Download Holdem Bot

The most advanced poker bot ever developed for online play.

• Plays an expert-level game out of the box (which took 3+ years to program).

• Completely user-configurable and will play however you tell it to for any poker situation.

 Dozens of ready-made profiles available targeting different game types (SNG's, MTT's, etc.)


Supported Poker Rooms


Network Signup Bonus Rakeback  
 America's Cardroom Winning $1000 27%
 Black Chip Poker Winning $1000 27%
 True Poker Winning $1000 27%
 5 Dimes Poker Winning $500 VIP system
 888 Poker 888 $400 VIP system  
 Bodog Poker Bodog $1000 points = cash
 Bovada Poker Bovada $1000 points = cash
 William Hill Poker iPoker $1500 check forum
 Ladbrokes Poker iPoker $1000 check forum
 Betfair Poker iPoker $2000 check forum


 Titan Poker   iPoker $2000 check forum
 Paddy Power Poker   iPoker $2000 points = cash
 Poker770 iPoker $2000 points = cash
 Bet365 Poker iPoker $1000 points = cash
 BetnGo Poker   iPoker $2000 points = cash
 BetFredPoker   iPoker $1000 points = cash
 Everest Poker iPoker $2000 points = cash

 Intertops Poker



$1000 36%

 Cake Poker



$600 36%
 Sisal.it * iPoker* $500* points = cash
 Titanbet.it * iPoker* $500* points = cash
 Turbopoker.fr * iPoker* $650* points = cash
 Unibet.fr * iPoker* $650* points = cash
 888poker.es * 888* $500 VIP system

Total Signup Bonuses:


For complete details download the demo and read the user manual, or join our support forum. = in-country only rooms

Get Rakeback: Click Here to Signup for Rakeback

Holdem Poker Bot Features and Benefits

If you enjoy online poker, this gadget is a must-have. Haven't you ever wished that your computer could keep on playing for you after you leave? Well, now it can. You can leave it with confidence, knowing that it will play well for you while remaining completely hidden.

• No-LimitPot-LimitCap Pot Limit, and Fixed Limit all supported.

• 6-Max Tables, 9/10-Max Tables, and 2-Max Tables all supported.

• Cash Games1-Table SNG's, and MTT's all supported.

• Multi-Tabling up to six tables supported.

• Easy Option Settings or Complete Custom Coding supported.

• Saving Profiles and Auto-Loading Profiles supported.

Besides being the coolest toy you will ever play with, our Holdem Bot has many practical uses for the online poker player and will quickly become a valuable tool in your arsenal.

Start Tournaments. Use the poker bot to play the first few hours of an MTT for you, then step in fresh and take over near the money.

Play Overnight Tournaments. Those late night tourneys are juicy! Put the bot in and go to bed. See where you finished in the morning.

Hold Your Place. When the wife calls you to put up a shelf, you don't need to lose your spot in the loosest cash game you've ever seen.

Consistency in SNG's. Our forum members have collaborated on testing SNG profiles and have reported in-the-money finish rates as high as 45% over many hundreds of trials.

Clear Deposit Bonuses. Take advantage of poker room deposit bonuses without having to worry about finding the time to clear them.

Rakeback, Baby. A break-even cash game profile will actually return an impressive monthly profit in rakeback payments.

Crush the Micros. The micro-limit games are easy picken's, but hardly worth your while to play manually. Let your pokerbot mop them up while you are away from your computer.

Custom Profiles

Your Holdem Poker Bot comes programmed with good NL Cash Game settings. But you might like to try some of these customized profiles for different game types.





1-Table SNG




Heads Up

Limit Profile


Join our support forum to find many more custom profiles targeting different game types.

To use the above profiles: Right-click and choose Save Target As then save to your computer. Profiles are text files. Move to your Holdem Bot folder for use.





Download the Demo and Play 200 Hands Free

 What Poker Edge says about the default profile:

Warning: Shark! Avoid if Possible!

Download Holdem Bot




1 year Shanky Holdem Bot License (Official License)

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