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Free OpenSource OpenHoldem Poker Bot.



v13.1.0 2018-09-05


  • Lots of new PokerTracker-stats in the new PT.DLL.
    Special thanks to Johnny, Termitapalahermita, ChuckNeverMuck,
    Guysmo, Salem, Gunfadoso and Masky007 for contributing
    database-queriesm helping and testing.


  • The engine-xontainer was executing some functions in wrong order.
    This could affect history-symbols if we were seeing only unique frames,
    i.e. not waiting for stable frames ir reviewing replay-frames
    that got shot with the option "on change in table-state".
    Thanks to Stars83 for reporting the bug and to Toto, Salem,
    Cold12Zera, Qwerty, ChuckNeverMuck and Nik0 for helping.


  • Improved table-display for 6max and large tour5nament-betsizes

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