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v 13.0.2

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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v13.0.2 2018-05-02


  • Support for s┬žiXbuttondefaultlabel.
    For details please refer to the manual.
  • New PokerTracker-DLL with lots of new symbols.
    For details please refer to the manual and the description in the formula-editor.
  • Improved dealerchair-detection.
    If no button can be found Openholdem searches for the small-blind;
    if no small blind can be found it takes the last known value.
    Thanks to Anon for reporting problems with unknown dealerchair in case of bad tablemap.
  • Improved handreset-detector.
    OpenHoldem supports now 3 more handreset-methods:
    • visible antes
    • disappearing showdown-cards of opponents
    • visible autoplayer-buttons after fold
      and OpenHoldem will execute a handreset, when multiple triggers
      happen within N heartbeats.


  • OpenHoldem 13.0.1 by accident required some MicroSoft debug-DLLs.
    This has now been fixed.


  • The OH-script autoplayer-functions f$alli and f$rais
    got renamed to f$allin and f$raise
    This renaming affects The OH-script-users only,
    OpenPPL-users are not affected.

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