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v 13.0.1

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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v13.0.1 2018-01-23


  • New symbols "prizepool" and "prizepoolmultiplier",
    which can be either read from the titlestring (s$ttlimits)
    or from the table (r$c0limits and s$c0limits).
    All you need is "^z" for prizepool and "^Z" for
    prizepoolmultiplier at the appropriate places,
    either in s$ttlimits or s$c0limits.


  • OpenHoldem could connect to other OpenHoldem windows or even to itself
    (e.g. by table size and title) if a bad tablemap was tolerant enough.
    This problem gets now prevented.
  • The new HaveWeakInsideStraightDraw didn't work die to a missing technical function.
    Thanks to DonkeyKong for reporting.
  • The OpenPPL-symbol OponentIsAllin incorrectly counted players whose balance
    was "away" or "sitout" as allin. This has now been fixed
    by the introduction of new built-in symbols nopponentsallin,
    nplayersallin, opponentsallinbits, playersallinbitzs.
    Thanks to Bob and Lucky8 for reporting problems with OponentIsAllin.


  • Restructuring OpenHoldem and introducing Preferences.DLL
    because we need smaller, manageable software-modules with clean interfaces.

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