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KGB "New School"



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3.78 (May2018)



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A tribute to one of the greatest movie characters and greatest poker movies ever made!
Introducing the latest and greatest all round tournament profile:KGB

Some of you may know me from my previous work on the Jackal profiles. They are highly successful profiles that I spent a long time perfecting. I programmed them after my own playing style: a mix of old school poker and new school poker. Well after I had gotten them about as good as they could get I began wondering how a totally "new school" style profile would do. I did a lot of research on the big poker forums that hate us as well as read through books/articles from "Elky", Phil Galfond, Jason Mercier, and some other online poker phenoms. Thus KGB was born. Some key features of this profile are: advanced 3 way / heads up code... in depth C-Bet, bluff, and +cEV Push code... extremely aggressive short handed code... lots of randomization... special "Negreanu" code, etc.

In order to expedite the testing process I ran this profile in sngmtts. Its got over 1,100 tourneys logged in and much more to come. I utilized Balu's LAT Log analyzer to track down every single loosing line of code and correct it. This profile will play optimal poker and the graphs below show it. This profile is special because it is an all in one profile.

How do you know this profile rocks? The Customer Feedback & Graphs:

KGB Customer Noname81's $1 Buy in Graph

Click here to see his journal using the profile

Customer - Luna Wolves Graph:

Click here to see his journal using the profile

SnG Graph

Lines of Code: 11,000+

Just a heads up for everyone, i used my jackal profile as a skeleton for this profile. KGB plays very differently than Jackal. The biggest change i made is the advanced bluff code addition. Jackal would play very passively on the turn and river if it didn't have the goods. This wasn't bad thing, but I wanted to create a more aggressive/Viktor Blom profile. For KGB i added a lot of advanced bluff code for turn and river. That alone made it play very differently, especially late in mtts and short handed/heads up. Besides that i totally changed how it played small pocket pairs and mid pocket pairs (got away from the traditional set mining mentality. In addition to that I changed its preflop aggression with AT+, etc. Overall it's much more aggressive, especially late in sngs/mtts when aggression is key to pick up the big blinds/antes. In addition to that I spent a month and a half using Balu's Log Analyzer to perfect every single line of code that was losing in the long run. That alone led to a lot of micro changes.


KGB 3.78 Updates (March 2018)

  • Fixed some 3 way and heads up flop betting spews.
  • Fixed some 3 way and heads up preflop betting spews.
  • Fixed a weird spot when in middle position with second top pair that caused us to bet too much without a deep stack.
  • Fixed a short stack non shove when short handed.
  • Adjusted middle position first in pushes to loosen up slightly.
  • Separated some of the hand groups in late and super late stage play and adjusted play with those separated groups accordingly.
  • Fixed playing KJ weak with top top pair of jacks and paired board.
  • Opened up our stacksize requirement for 3 bet shoving when short handed and heads up.

KGB v3.73 Updates: 

  • took out some of the AA preflop slow play code as it was getting us into trouble sometimes
  • Added code to slow down a bit when we have two pair and own card flush possible
  • Added some conditions to top pair on flop with mid range condition to not bloat pot
  • Fixed turn line that was aggressive with top pair on dangerous board 
  • Lowered some preflop aggression with suited connectors in early position
  • Fixed river aggression with top pair weak kicker in specific spot 
  • Added a line to play two pair on unlikely paired board (i.e. Pair on board is 33, 44, etc) hard
  • Tweaked short handed code
  • Tightened up calling of raises with heads up and 3 handed
  • Toned down blind stealing from the small blind. 
KGB v3.68 Updates: 
  • Added some awesome big hand slow play code
  • Added some code to our floating donk bet plays to prevent spewing
  • Added some spew protection on floating plays
  • Fixed a turn line that had us calling big bets with pairs + marginal draws
  • Moved some TPTK code up that was getting blocked and folding good hands when donk bets into us
  • Added line to call flop all in when we are already heavily invested and have odds
  • Lowered our delay c-bet sizing
  • Added some code to get more value out of our big hands on turn and river
  • Lowered our turn float/bet requirements
  • Lowered some turn and river bluff sizing slightly
  • Fixed some top pair good kicker lack of aggression holes
  • Fixed short handed stacksize = 25bb play
KGB v3.47 Updates: 
  • fixed a two pair code line.
  • Added line to call short stacked 3bet shoves when getting right price.
  • Added line to call short stacked all in when InBigBlind and getting good price.
  • Added some code to remain aggressive with top pair on turn in safe spots.
  • Added line to float flop donk bets and steal on turn.
  • Increased bet sizing on flop with good hands to get more value.
  • Removed suited connector code.
  • Modifie3d push code slightly to be less conservative at 6bb or less.
  • fixed a turn bluff sizing.
  • fixed some river bluff sizing.
  • fixed a lot of lines that were being passive when unlikely straight was possible.
KGB v3.3 Updates: 
  • fixed some late stage and super late stage preflop lines that had unnecessary conditions in them that blocked them.
  • Moved some 3-bet shove code up that was getting blocked before.
  • vadjusted calling opponents all in based on our stacksize.
  • Added river float bluffs.
  • tightened up our out of position floats.
  • Updated our short handed code: betsizing, stacksize conditions.
  • added some hand conditions to our blind stealing from small blind.
KGB v3.2 Updates: 
  • Took out a line that was preventing float code from working properly and killing a lot of our action (should make a big difference!!!).
  • added a specific when HaveTwoPair and position = first section that was missing for some reason.
  • lowered turn float bet stacksize requirement to 13bb.
  • Fixed turn straightdraw line to call for right odds even when straight is possible.
  • added some aggression with pair and flush draw.
KGB v3.0 Updates:
  • added a line to stay aggressive with overpair on board with unlikely straght possible
    (i.e. flop is 4 6 8).
  • lowered our blind stealing with large blind size some.
  • lowered our bet sizing with TT, 99, AQ in early stages of tourney (doing this based on LAT analysis results)
  • modified line to call flop bet of up to potsize when we are in position and have top pair. Was previously set to 33% pot.
  • added advanced double barreling code.
  • added advanced float/turn stealing code.
  • Fixed an open ended when line on the river that was affecting our play when have a set.
  • Added a line to call an opponent's all in regardless of what we have when amount to call is
    less than 1.
  • added some more push code lines when we are extremely short stacked (6bb or less) and there is a raise in front of us.
  • added some value betting on river with top pair and second top pair.
  • added some river aggression when opponents showing weakness.
  • modified our c-betting code to get a little more value when we have decent hands/draws.
  • added some plays against donk bets so we don't get bullied. Will call with decent equity now, raise 50% of the time if we have ay kind of hand.
  • Added some preflop squeeze shoves with decent hands against late position raiser.
  • Added some aggression when we have top pair on suspect boards when opponents showing weakness.
  • added some additional 3betting when in position in middle, late, and super late stages with premium and mediocre hands to mix up our 3bet range.
  • Added some aggression in a lot of safe spots where were passive previously (Thanks to BeHoldem for looking into the code so in depth!!!).
  • Adjusted a river calling an all in line (when we have TPTK or TP2ndTK) to be slightly more conservative when flush and straights possible, and added a line to call bigger chunk of our stack when those flushes and straights are not possible.
  • Lowered out small blind stealing frequency slightly.
  • Added some squeeze spots when we are in the blinds and against late position raise.
  • Added a line for when its folded to us in SB, BB has 2bb or less, we shove.


KGB v3.78

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