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v7.4.3 2015-01-26
NEW stuff:
- New symbol handsplayed_headsup, counting the number of consecutive
  hands played headsup, meant for opponent modelling.
- If connected to OHReplay OpenHoldem will send an extra
  tabulator after every finished action-sequence
  to switch OHReplay to the next frame.
  Thanks to BillW for the suggestion.
- Secondary formulas got incorrectly handled on every heartbeat
  instead of once every 4 seconds. Secondary formulas get handled 
  before the main autoplayer functions, because of i86 popup-handling,
  and therefore a secondary formula that was always true could block
  all other autoplayer actions. This has now been fixed.
  Thanks to Johnny and FqFq for reporting.
- Extra precautions against invalid "checks".
  OpenHoldem prevents now "checking" if the user mis-scrapes the call-button as "check"
  and then decides to "check" if there is a positive amount to call.
- Improved mouse positioning.
  Restoring the window focus and mouse position now only for offline simulations
  like ManualMode, OHReplay, PokerAcademy, PokerTH and PokerSnowie
  (convenient for the user), but no longer for real casinos,
  as regularly jumping back to the same position was an easy and reliable bot-flag.
- Improved autoplayer-trace for secondary formulas.

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