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For OpenHoldem v2.1.9.x only!



WarBot - WarMTT OpenHoldem Profile:

- Available in .Ohf format for v2.1.9.x 
Exerience with OpenHoldem, C++ language & variables is advised for this product.

WarMTT profile plays according to the guidelines for solid tournament strategy. It is tight at the beginning of the tourney, but becomes more loose when blinds start to eaten up the stack. Bets big with strong hands, plays aggressively but smart. Also, this profile includes heads-up code for the situations when you successfully proceed to the final table.

Graphs & Results:

Here you can see the statistics that we collected over the last few years for our profiles. Please keep in mind, that our programming code constantly progressed and was modified zillion of times during tests and research (in fact, its still upgrading). Thats why, some of the stats, like tightness/looseness%, contbet% and others, can differ from what the bot shows now. But you can expect that your average winrate on long distance will match what you see on graphs.

X-Ray cash profile


WarMTT profile 5$ buy-in


WarSNG profile 6$-7$ buy-in


SNG DON Profile 5$ buy-in

So, how much money can you make and how long does it take?

The answer depends on several things:

  • How many tables do you run?

Obviusly, the more tables you play at the same time, the more hands you will play and your winrate will do its job - you will make more money. Usually one poker room allows to multi-table at 6 tables. Of course, if you have more than one computer, you can run your War Bot there too, in another poker room. You can also do it one the same PC, if it is powerfull enough to run Virtual PC simultaneously.

  • The lenth of your sessions

You need to run your Bot for pretty long time every day to make good money. But it doesn't mean botting for 24/7. Never do this! You will become suspected very quickly with bad consequences. More than that, it makes the threat to all of our botting comunity, so please, bot responsibly. About 6-8 hours per day would be ok. If you play cash-games, start your bot at about 9:00 pm (European time), when there are a lot of loosy public. We don't recommend to play at daytime, since there can be too many good players - regulars, sharks, etc.

  • Rakeback and Bonuses

With a poker bonus you will be rewarded with an additional money sum when you make a deposit at a poker room. A poker bonus is usually never immediately available to you - you have to clear it first. You have to play poker and, depending on the rake (house take) you generate, the bonus or increments of the bonus will be released and credited to your regular poker account. Read more about bonuses here.

Rakeback offers you the opportunity to get back some of the rake you have paid. Rakeback is necessary to show a worthwhile long-term profit for most cash games. Please sign up for your poker accounts through a reputable rakeback
provider. If you don't have a bonus or rakeback going for you, you should only play SNG's or MTTs. You can signup for rakeback, for example, through RakeTheRake provider.

Now, suppose you run your Bot on 2 computers (VMs), 8 hours a day, on 4 tables each. About 50 hands can be played on basic, non-turbo table. So, in one month you can play 30 days * 8 hours * 4 tables * 50 hands * 2 computers = 96 000 hands. Winrate for X-Ray profile, according to graphic above, is about 0.28$/100 hands (on NL2). So for 96 000 hands you'll have about 270$.


So finally, about 270$ per month. Not a super-profit? Well, probably. But remember - you can sleep while the Bot works, you don't need to do anything yourself. Want more earnings - you can always involve another computer in your botting, select tables more carefully, using Table Scanner, for example. Or, better, switch to playing only touraments, which opens much more interesting prospects than cash-games.

Be aware of variance 

In probability theory, possible deviations from the expected normal dispersion of a random value is described as variance. The variance of a random value is an measure of how far a value can deviate in the short-term from the expected long-term result or mid-value.

In a poker context, which has a random element, variance describes the possible short-term deviation from the long-term expected value of a player. For example, a player in Texas Hold'em with a flush draw on the flop gets his flush on the river around 36% of the time in the long-term. Over just a few hands it may also be the case that he only hits a flush 25% of the time i.e. that he misses his draw five times in a row.

The results of a consistently good player compared to a consistently bad one only rarely indicates that the good player takes winnings in every poker round. Somethimes the bad player simply gets lucky and variance is on his side.

As you can see on the graphs above, downswings can be pretty painful. But don't panic - it's just the part of this game. On long distance the Bot will make money, guaranteed. Just a matter of time.



OH: WarBot - WarMTT

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