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Zulu Grinder 4-PACK



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9max only



Below is a short description of all the cash profiles included in the package.
Zulu Grinder/Zugor/Shaka/FooFighter

zulu grinder (nl2 fullring cash game script)
Profile is in total 5000+ lines of code

A short description of my zulu grinder cash game script and how to use it.
I made this script for full ring (9-10 seat) tables.
This is my own custom made code and special betsize code, in total the code is about 5000 lines (this script is very different from Doodle)
I made my script to run even when only 1 opponent are left at table as I coded in a change of a play when shorthanded - it gives a nice little edge and also makes it harder for humans to get a read, so it's just not sitting like a rock when shorthanded but it also picks up some nice pots from human players who just want to leave the rest of the buy-in to you before they quit for the day.
There are also some built-in functions with the main purpose of fighting all the short stacks when they push all-in and you end up being the last raiser or caller.

I build in some nice random preflop and postflop bets without making it look weak, so its pretty tough to get a read on with a specific hand strength. I also built in, what I call, good bluffs and in that way it takes down some decent pots once in a while.

shaka (nl2/nl5/nl10 fullring cash game script)
Profile is in total 7000+ lines of code

A short description of my shaka fullring cash game script.
The shaka profile is a combination of my own custom made code and some of the Doodle code, this script is made for full ring (9/10 seat) tables, profile is much loser than the zulu grinder preflop and also a bit more lose and aggressive postflop than the zulu grinder, so a good combination to shift from zulu grinder to the shaka profile to avoid getting profiled at the tables.

A short description of my Zugor fullring cash game script.
Zugor nl2/nl5/nl10
Profile is in total 5000+ lines of code

Zugor nl10

Zugor NL2

Zugor i made after looking at the pokertableratings for Doodle and then looking at pokertable ratings for zulu grinder and then i combined Doodle and zulu grinder.

FooFighter (fullring cash game script in text format)
Profile is in total 1000+ lines of code

A short description of my FooFighter cash game script.
Purchasing FooFighter you get a complete preflop/flop/turn/river code in a text file that is easy to adjust/improve if you know a little about ppl. else you can just follow my updates, all futher updates are included in price.

FooFighter have gone trough many hours of testing now on different stakes but the sample posted is a complete test of v.5.5 at nl2 9/10 seat tables at Fulltilt and as you can see the date is recent.

the script will be sold as a text file (and or as a holdem.ppl file) so you will be able to add or simply change the code for your own liking, the script do not use any of the shankybots default actions so it is fairly easy to change a situation you dont like or add a new code block to the script for the specific situation, just a note the profile is a complete profile and ready to use when you purchase.

The code is designed so its fairly easy to understand if you got the ppl manual beside you, so i would say this could be a good way to get your own strategy easy incorporate in the script if you allready have some preflop code or half done codes maybe using FooFighter as a holdem.ppl or backup profile.

Future updates will contain different preflop plugins with more aggression etc.. but testing need to be done , what i have done now is stick to one preflop and postflop play to get a fresh sample of v.5.5 alot more testing have gone behind v.5.5 and at all sort of stakes.

I would say that FooFighter is designed to play tight as a rock so 9-10 seat tables should be the tables to play if you dont tweak it on your own, but i dont see why it should not be possible to tweak it to a 6 max profile if you got the time and skill.

When you purchase the zulu grinder package from forum, you get 4 profiles
1. You get One copy of the zulu grinder v.6.0 (nl2 fullring cash game script in ppl format)
2. You get One copy of the shaka v.1.5 (nl2/nl5/nl10 fullring cash game script in ppl format)
3. You get One copy of the Zugor v.1.8 (nl2/nl5/nl10 fullring cash game script in ppl format)
4. You get the FooFighter v.5.7 (fullring cash game script in text format)


Recommended settings for : 0.1/0.02, 9-10 seats tables using zulu grinder/shaka/FooFighter/Zugor
1. Max buyin and auto top up ( this is a must do ) so buyin for $2.
2. Maxstacksize is set to 180/220 you can just set it to what you want.
3. Just sort tables with the biggest average pot so you always have a table to play and players seated 7/9 rest of settings in my script should be fine.
4. Try and adjust the number of tables compared to how good you run , Dont play more than 4 tables if you run bad
5. Agian try and adjust your table sessions compared to how good you run , Dont play sessions above 60-65 min. if you run bad, 60-65min. are my standard settings for each table session.
6. stop playing for the day if you lose 5 buyins
7. stop playing for the day if you win 6-7 buyins

Customers Stats/Graphs posted by buyers at my privat forum:

zulu grinder

zulu grinder

zulu grinder

zulu grinder

zulu grinder

zulu grinder



Zulu Grinder 4-PACK

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