Delivery & FAQ

Delivery & FAQ Information, 


  • Orders can be placed in the web-shop or by email or by Live Support.
  • We always send the latest version from the webshop database.
  • We process orders 7 day's per week.
  • E-downloads are not supported at the moment (because of free checkout option in shop)
  • Orders will be send to you within max 24 hours after payment or you get full cash refund.
  • You can order a new copy, for a profile you bought or lost. 
    The administration fee per profile is $5.00 dollar.

  • For questions about orders, please use the contact form / live support.


  • All delivery’s by email are final.
  • All orders will be shipped to the email address you used for payment.
  • All orders are delivered in .ppl format or select a .txt format
    in the webshop before you click order.

  • For questions about delivery, please use the contact form / live support.



Reward Points:

  • You recieve 1 point for each dollar spent in the webshop.
  • You can use points as store credit and buy items from the shop.
  • You can not redeem reward points for real cash.
  • If something is wrong or points are not calculated then please contact support.
  • We can always add points manually to your account if needed.

Reward Points Multiplier:
There are several customer levels.  

- Starter x 1.00
(10.00% cashback in reward points)
(Total history order amount between 0 - 150 dollar)

- Bronze x 1.25
(12.50% cashback in reward points)
(Total history order amount between 151 - 250 dollar)

- Silver x 1.50
(15.00% cashback in reward points)
(Total history order amount between 251- 350 dollar)

- Gold x 1.75
(17.50% cashback in reward points)
(Total history order amount between 351 - 450 dollar)

- Platinum x 2.00
(20.00% cashback in reward points)
(Total history order amount > 450 dollar)

Example: Your purchase a 75,- dollar txt profile from the webshop.

Bronze: You recieve 75 points for the purchase + 19 points extra as bronze account = 94 point total.
You can use points for cash and purchase a 
Free product from the webshop for $ 9.40 dollar.

Silver: You recieve 75 points for the purchase + 38 points extra as silver account = 113 point total.
You can use points for cash and purchase a 
Free product from the webshop for $ 11.30 dollar.

Platinum: You recieve 75 points for the purchase + 75 points extra as platinum account = 150 point total.
You can use points for cash and purchase a Free product from the webshop for $ 15.00 dollar.

Extra information:

  • We will check customer reward levels only on request.
  • The minimum (reward) order amount is 75 points (value 7.50 dollar)
  • You can purchase these items with rewards points:

    - All Shanky Profiles & Packs (ppl + txt).
    - All Shanky Software & Tools.
    - All OpenHoldem Profiles & Packs (.Ohf/.Oppl).
    - All Shanky & OpenHoldem templates.
    - All viritual machine packs.

  • If something is wrong or points are not calculated then please contact support


Rakeback offers & Refer-a-friend program / Free items from the shop.

  • You receive cash rakeback + extra's for joining our rakeback program.
  • Rakeback Extra´s: You receive 5 reward points per 5 dollar rake paid.
    (based on the sps paid rake, related to your account.)
  • Refer-a-friend Extra´s:  You receive 5 reward points per 5 dollar rake paid.
    (based on the sps paid rake, related to your account.)

  • Reward points are add to your shop account in the first week after the rakeback period ends.
    (most rooms calculate rake per month) 

  • You can use reward points as store-credit and buy free items from the shop.
  • For more information or questions about rakeback, please contact support.


Does my previous customer order history count (period: 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015)

  • Yes ofcourse, we can add all your order details/history to your personal account.
  • Please contact us by email and ask us to add your customer details.
  • We will upgrade you to a new customer level / points for cash level after adding all order details.


How to open an Affiliate Account

  • Click on the affiliate button in the webshop to create an account.
  • You can advertise with our profiles in all kind of socialmedia/websites.
  • You can generate (in your shop/affiliate account) a custom url/link and earn 25% commission per sale.


How does Affiliate Commission work?

  • The commission fee (in cash) is paid 31days after the purchase is made, to prevent creditcard drawbacks.
    Or we can deposit the commission fee as store credit in your shop account (please request support).

  • The commission fee is 25% per sale and will be paid to your Paypal account.
  • You can generate a custom url/link per product, in your personal account.
  • For security reasons we only accept full authorized/verified Paypal users.
  • You have to make a (small) penny payment so we can check/authorize your Paypal details.
    We can deposit your money back, since we only need the details to approve your account.

  • Shanky Profile Shop affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises Shanky Profile Shop or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 25%.

Can i sell a product in your webshop and be an official webshop seller?
Yes you can sell products in our webshop/Marketplace (after approval).


How does this work?

  • Contact us and explain your product (profile, tool, tablemap etc)
  • We create a sales topic and add your personal payment/affiliate link from
  • Together we discuss the details like price or other important things.
  • Send us the product for approval (testing)


CopyRight Infringement:

  • All our profiles (+ some other products) are exclusively based / using the Shanky Technogies PPL variables (Poker Programming Language) or OpenHoldem language. These variables/language is developed and licensed to ShankyTechnologies and/or OpenHoldem and are free to use, share, trade or sell by all users.
  • If you feel/think that one of our products in the webshop is copyrighted, then contact us. We will need a description of the copyright infringement, enclose official/legal documents/certificates that proves the copyright/brand claim, enclose you chamber of commerce details, company name/contact details.
  • We will investigate your claim with care, and report back to you within max 5 worksdays.
  • If the claim is proven then we will delete the product from the webshop or negotiate about a licensed sale if possible/agreed to. 
  • If the copyright claim is not proven, then there is no need to delete the products from the webshop.
  • Only copyright/brand holders can open a dispute/claim.
    You can not open a dispute/claim for others if you are not entitled to.  


What is PayGear(.com)

  • We use PayGear as payment processor, so webshop sellers can be 100% sure they get their money like agreed.
  • We will create and add your product in our PayGear account and you can search, select and add this product to your  PayGear account (free to open and use).
  • We will post the affiliate url you created in your PayGear account in the webshop and as soon as a customer purchase your item, PayGear will process the order and deposit the fee into your PayGear account.
  • We have no influence on the payments made with PayGear processor. You recieve the fee/commission automatically in your account and we finish the order with the customer.
  • You can cash out the fee in your PayGear account with no extra charge. 


Shanky & Open Holdem facts:

  • Shanky and Open Holdem are different bot's / products.
  • With OpenPPL it's possible to convert Shanky .txt to .ohf format.
  • Not all variables of shanky are supported by Open Holdem and vice versa.
  • Results with Open Holdem may vary from results with Shanky and vice versa.


Holdem Bot / Hoppers / Loaders Trials & Licenses

  • One trial per customer/ per (shop) account, per comp-id, per household. 
  • We strongly advice you to request or download a trial first, or buy a small monthly license to
    check first if the software works without problems on your computer. 

  • We can not refund or guarantee that licenses work untill the expiry date.
    It's possible that 3rd party changes to the software / license system can cause an error. 

  • Be smart and buy small monthly licenses to avoid any risk.

How do I buy a profile: 

  • Select a product > select format > add to cart > finish order.


How to use PaySafecards:

  • Option 1: Use webshop checkout > click Cash-On-Delivery option >
                    Add Comment / PaySafeCardCode(s) to finish your order.

  • Option 2: Email us the profilename(s) + total order amount + Paysafecard codes for payment.


How to use Moneybookers:

  • Moneybookers processor not supported at the moment.


How to use Paypal:

  • Select a product > add to cart > and finish the order with Paypal.
  • You can also transfer directly to our PayPal account.
  • Please send email to support, to complete your order (if you transfer funds directly.)


How to use Free Checkout:

         Select a free product ($ 0,-) > add to cart > finish your order with Free Checkout.


How do I request a new copy of a profile I bought in the past:

  • Send an email or contact helpdesk at
  • The administration costs are 5.00 dollar per lost profile or pack.
  • You can only request a lost profile with your delivery/order email/details.


How do I request a profile update:

  • Send an email to and request your update.
  • You recieve the update in the same format as you original order.
  • If we can deliver the profile update, then the administration costs are 5.00 dollar.


How do I write a revieuw for a profile:

  • You can write a revieuw if you bought the profile from us.
  • Please be proffessional and dont use offending words.
  • You can not write a revieuw if you bought it from a other shop or forums.


Max order amount for "Unverified Paypal" accounts:

  • Unverified Paypal accounts can order for max $ 30,- dollar.
  • When max order amount is reached, you need to verify your account (free) to continue shopping.
  • How to Verify your account: 
    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click Get Verified on your Account Overview.
    3. Select the verification method you want to use.
    4. Enter your information, then click Continue.
    5. Click Confirm, then click Submit.

Our Price Match Guarantee:

We offer much more then just great prices, but we don't want price to be a reason you shop elsewhere.
If you find the same product, profile or package elswhere we'll match it.

How to Make a Claim:

Send an email to  with the following information:

  • The name of the website / Url you saw the cheaper product, profile or package on.
  • The price / full details of the offer, like version, size, extra's (a screenshot would be appriciated.)

You'll receive an acknowledgment of your request;
we'll review the details and get back to you with an answer, via email, within 24 hours

Full Terms & Conditions:

There are just a few conditions, which we think are quite reasonable:

  • The competitor's product must be identicial to ours, and offered on the same terms.
  • We must be able to verifiy the competitors price and product offer / version number. 
  • This price guarantee applies to (genuine) products, profiles or packages only. 
  • Official registred domains/websites only (No poor and strange looking free domains like Google domains, 
    blog domains or (private) forums (except official Shanky and OpenHoldem forum ofcourse.)

  • We must receive your email requesting the Price Match Guarantee before you make a purchase in our shop. 
    The Price Match Guarantee request must be emailed to us, and include all of the required information as specified above.
  • The Price Match Guarantee will not apply if the cheaper offer on the other website is obtained via a limited time promotion, promo code, cash back, coupon, voucher or member’s discount.
  • We also reserve the right to refuse the price-match where we have doubts about the authenticity 
    of the item in question.


Scam Shops:

Last years we have seen a lot of new shops arriving. Most of them have a poor layout and try to make a few quick bucks with profile sales. None of them come even close to the product range and customer service we offer. 

How to recognize scam shops:

  • Poor layout and strange looking (free) domains like Google domains, blog domains etc.
  • No FAQ/Customer information, No location or Address from the seller, No refund policy etc. 
  • Very low & unrealistic prices, compared to reliable other websites offering the same kind product. 
  • Copy and pasting information/text from other Profile Shops to create there own website.
  • Offering cracked and hacked licenses if you buy a profile, or free profiles if you buy hacked/cracked software.
  • Offering a Profile Pack subscription for unrealistic small amount (they download free profiles from internet to create a huge pack so it looks like you get much for low, but most of times these profiles are outdated or they change old version numbers to new version etc.
  • Most of these scam shops are located in: Russia, Poland, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Servia, Slovenia or other Balkan countries etc.  


What is PPL?:

Go to

Will I be rich?:
Online poker comes with up and downs, it’s called variance.

Why is your webshop not active in the ShankyForum.

The mods are deleting everything on the Forum regarding our shop.
Obviously they dont want to direct people to us.

Can i order and visit your WebShop without getting problems on the ShankyForum?

Yes, you can. We take privacy from our customers very seriously.
We have even (ex) marketplace and moderators as customers.

Are profiles in the webshop suited for any pokerroom?

Some profiles are written for certain pokerrooms.
Please ask in advance for what pokerroom the profile is suited for.

Performance graphs, results, and statistics ?

We are not involved in the creation of the graphs that are posted in our Webshop and we have not tested them ourselves. Performance graphs, results, and statistics that supposedly came from data tracking software (such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager) can be faked by Shanky-OpenHoldem users. 

We strongly advise you inform yourself with buyer feedback, preferably from established forum-members, before buying. Read the sales thread to see what customers are saying before purchasing any products. Be aware that buyer feedback can also be part of a scam. Buy profiles that are suited for the poker room you prefer to play. Not all profiles are suited for all Poker rooms.