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9max SNG only.



Buy-in from $1-$30
ROI: 40.8%
ITM: 19.6%

$1 9man Sng
$1 27man SngMtt
$1 45man SngMtt
$1 90man SngMtt
SNGMTT Graph ($1-$3 buyin)


I thought it would be good idea to include a guide with the profiles to help people get the most out of them. I will be going over my own strategies, methods, tournaments, etc. Everything that I will talk about is what helped me build my BR from $0 to $900+ (as of 5/23/10).

BR Management

The single most important thing in building your bankroll up slowly is proper management. I always had poor BR management until I started my rags to riches challenge. Once you set the ground rules out on paper it’s a little easier to follow them so here they are:

  1. Never buy into a tournament that is more than 1% of your total BR (make sure you have 100 buy ins to start playing at a certain level). If you drop below 75 buy ins then drop down to the previous level of buy ins if possible. So if you have $200 you can start playing $2 tournaments but if you drop below $150 then you need to go back to playing the $1 tournaments.
  2. Don’t break rule #1!!! It is very hard to follow rule #1, especially when you see a bigger buy in tourney with a big prizepool. Don’t let yourself falter and buy into something that is more than 1% of your BR. You can satellite into it but I will talk about that later.

Tournament Selection

Second most important thing in building your BR is proper tournament selection. These profiles play very solid poker and the longer it has to show that the better results you will have. What do I mean by that? I mean find tournaments that have a good blind structure and starting stack that gives the profile time to rise to the top of the donks. As a general rule of thumb I will only play tournaments that have at least a double stack. On full tilt that means starting stack of 3,000 chips instead of the usual 1,500. There are a few exceptions to this rule and you will see them in my favorite tournament section but for the most part stick with double stack or super stack tournaments. Also, make sure that the tournaments you play in have a decent number of people. For regular tournaments I like to have at least 500 people in a tournament to play in it myself.

Another important thing to look at when selecting a tournament is blind structure. This profile does well in just about any structure but there are certain types you want to avoid if possible. As I stated earlier you want to give the profile the most time to rise to the top. So that means finding tournaments with long blind levels. This can be done by just avoiding any “turbo” tourneys. Look for ones that have blind levels of at least 10 minutes. Again, there will be exceptions to this but I will explain those later.


Variance: As you can see from my graphs a very normal downswing is about 40 buy ins. So if you are playing $1 tournaments then you can very easily go on a $40 downswing. This is normal and doesn’t mean the profile is bad. In my sngmtt graph I had 8 or more of these downswings but as you can see it is still up a lot and very much a winner. So keep grinding away and don’t give up!!!


Satellite Tournaments

Satelliting into bigger buy in tournaments is a lot of fun and very easy to do with this profile. This is where the “no turbo tournament” rule has an exception since almost all satellites are turbo. I always use JackalMTT to play all satellites tournaments. As a general rule for satellites you want to find ones that pay out at least 5 seats. This gives you the best shot at getting into a big tournament. Most big tournaments have “super Satellites” a few hours before it starts. These “super” satellites guarantee a lot of seats… usually 25 or more. They are usually ¼ the cost of the full buy in and will be your best shot at getting into a big tournament. Even if you are in a tournament I still like to play in them because they are usually very soft and is a good way to get T$ (tournament dollars).

I have a specific strategy for satellites that has not failed me yet, it has a 100% success rate for me when we get into a particular situation. It requires you to watch the bot play though. When you get to a point in a satellite tournament where you are doing well and the # of people in between you and the bubble is greater than the # of people between the bubble and last place… just sit out. You will earn a seat every time if you do this. I know this may sound confusing so here is an example. If a tournament pays out 100 seats and your rank is 50 out of 120, there are 50 spots between you and the bubble (100-50=50), there are 20 spots between the bubble and last place (120-100=20). Since 50 is greater than 20 you need to sit out and you will make it into the money and earn your ticket into a big tournament. You don’t need to do this every time but it will definitely help your chances of satelliting into a big tournament. I often enter a satellite before going to bed and wake up to find it won an entry.

Cosmo27’s Favorite Tournaments

JackalSNGMTT Profile

Best tournament for this profile is the $1.10 90 man sngmtt that has a double stack and pays out top 18. This is the tournament that I grinded out over 700 of to build up my BR. They are safe, slow, and have a good ROI. Other than that this works well with the 45, 27, and 18 man sngs. Another nice sngmtt to play is the $2.25 180 man sng. This is a single stack tourney so variance can keep you out of the money in them for a while so be careful, but it still does well in them.

JackalMTT Profile

Like I said before, pretty much any double stack tournament that is within your BR rules should be great for this profile. Here is a list of my favorite tournaments though:


Buy In

Time (EST US)

Daily Dollar


8:15 PM

Daily Dollar Rebuy


3:00 PM

$26 Token Frenzy


around 8:45 PM

$2.20 MTTs


between 4-6 PM

$3.30 KO


11:00 AM

Midnight Madness



10k Guar. Superstack


1:00 PM

15k Guar. Superstack


7:00 PM

Double Deuce Satellite


2 hrs before tournament

Double Deuce


4:00 PM

miniFTOPS events


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MSOP events


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