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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v11.1.1 2017-02-26


  • The scraper output dialog crashed regularly,
    very deep in the recursive constructor of a 3rd-party window-managing component.
    As this window-managing library (originally designed for Windows 98)
    turned out to be superfluous we removed it.
    And voila, the bug was gone.
    Thanks to NickPerry for reporeting.
  • OpenHoldem crashed at showdown.
    As it turned out some worker-threads got stopped at the wrong time,
    indirectly causing an object being deleted twice,
    thus leading to a memory-access-error very late at termination.
  • After the crash had been fixed most memory got released correctly again.
    Then it became possible to care about OpenHoldems memory leaks,
    i.e. objects that didn't get deleted on termination:
    • statusbar
    • flags-toolbar
    • pens and brushes for painting the table.
    • the "special" symbol engine CbetroundCalculator
    • the OpenPPL-function for the self-test of parser and evaluator
      The total leaked memory was less than 5 KB in size.
      The unfixed 5 leaks that couldn't get diagnozed exactly
      are leaa than 1 KB large altogether according to VLD.
      Thanks to Aintnosunshine for reminding us of the memory leaks.


  • Removed the auto-connector-option to connect once which doesn't make much sense.
    Openholdem will now connect either never (by hopper-messages) or always.

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