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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v11.1.0 2017-02-01


  • OpenHoldem autostarter that takes care that enough free instances
    of OpenHoldem are running. It also shuts down superfluis bots
    if they are unused for a certain time.
  • A so-called "watchdog" cares now about crashed and frozen
    instances of OpenHoldem and cleans up if necessary,
    so that auto-starter and auto-connector can work properly.
    This feature became necessary, because OH sometimes crashes at termination.
  • New memory-commands:
    • me_add_symbol_value
    • me_sub_symbol_value
      that can be used in addition to me_st_, me_re_ and me_inc
      to manipulate memory-symbols more easily, e.g for creating outs-counters.
  • The problem solver executes now also all configuration checks,
    as experience shows that new users often turn all checks off
    and then wonder why "ITDONOWORKS!!!!!"
  • OpenHoldem is now able to connect to popup-windows
    (also called non-top-level or child-windows)
    e.g. to click a confirmation-button
    or maybe even to do more complicated hopper-tasks in the future.
    All you need is a mimimalistic tablemap for connection
    and a symbols s$ispopup that disables the TM-completeness-checker.


  • Removed the option "close when table disappears",
    as it became redundant.
  • Reimplemented large parts of the table-positioner
    to get rid of MicroSofts TileWindows and CascadeWindows functions
    that resized all tables back to default.
    The code could be simplified significantly
    and seems to work fine now.


  • Fixed a potential race-condition, as a GUI-timer
    could access scraper-data, which could at the same time
    be changed in the heartbeat-cycle.

OpenScrape v11.0.2 2017-02-01


  • Support for popup-handling and the symbol "ispopup"

OpenReplayShooter v1.0.0 2017-02-01


  • Initial Release of OpenReplayShooter, formerly known as "WindowCaptureTool"

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