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v 11.0.2

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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v11.0.2 2017-01-22


  • Fixed a race-condition at termination. Some timer-functions were still alive
    and sometimes accessing data that already got deleted when OH was shutting down,
    thus leading to an invalid memory access.
  • Improved HaveRunnerRunnerFlushAtRiver.
    Thanks to ChuckNeverMuch and Salem for reporting
    and sugegstioing improvements.

OpenScrape v11.0.2 2017-01-22


  • It was not possible to edit the tablemap symbols
    "titletext", "!titletext", "ttlimits" and "c0limits" because
    the rewritten list of symbols was incomplete.
    Thanks to Chillit for reporting and to ChuckNeverMuck
    for finding the reason of the problem.

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