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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v11.0.1 2017-01-14


  • OpenHoldem is now able to connect to tables with empty title.
    This requires an empty titletext in the tablemap
    and also at least one additional tablepoint to make sure
    that we don't randomly connect to crappy ghost-windows.
    Thanks to 2235xtb for reporting this former limitation of OpenHoldem.
  • Shooting a replay-frame automatidcally in case of
    unknown special characters in the title.


  • The symbol NutsOnBoard got lost when the OpenPPL-library
    got reorganized for Omaha.
    Thanks to JohnNash for reporting.
  • The PokerTracker-Thread could sometimes freeze OH
    if it connected to an empty table.
    Thanks to ChuckNeverMuck for reporting.
  • OpenEndedStraightDrawPossibleOnFlop could incorrectly become true
    if there was a set of deuces at the board on flop
    (difference between highest card and lowest card (undefined -1) <= 3)
    Thanks to ChuckneverMuck for reporting this funny bug and for the fix.
  • Omproved blind-guessing headsup in case we don't get any info from the title.


  • Removed support of a "scraper-DLL" for alternative input-methods
    like hooking and DLL-injection, as it was never used by anybody,
    its implementation got lost years ago (scraper-optimizations for 4.x),
    nobodey complained and the code demanded simplifications.
    So OpenHoldem is back to good old screen-scraping.
  • Even more title preprocessing.
    Thanks to Gratiszzzz, Pobar, Micro111 and Joe1111 for reporting
    some more special characters.

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