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Free Open-Source Open Holdem Poker Bot.



v11.0.0 2016-12-27


  • OpenHoldem aupports now Omaha.
    It scrapes up to four cards for every player
    if the loaded tablemap contains additional card symbols
    (pXcardfaceY, pXcardfaceYrank, pXcardfaceYsuit, pXcardfaceYnocard).
    Based on this information it calculates bassic symbols like
    • $$pcX (card symbols)
    • $$prX (rank symbols)
    • $$psX (suit symbols)
    • isomaha (true if more than two cards have been seen for a player)
      Furthermore some basic symbols work for both Hold'em and Omaha
    • nsuitedcommon and similar
    • rankbitscommon and similar
      More advanced features:
    • hand$xyz-symbols work with up to four cards too
    • PokerTracker-queries auto-adapt for Omaha
      Not yet implemented and to be done by volunteers:
    • symbol engines for advanced hand-strength evaluation
    • PrWin-calculations for Omaha (optional)
    • OpenPPl-handstrength-symbols
      For details please see the sticky post about OpenHoldem 11.0%
      and the new forum section for Omaha.
      [OpenHoldem, SingleMalt, THF]


  • Shooting replay-frames does no longer require the autoplayer.


  • Empty functions got ignored on parsing, but they are meaningful.
    Thanks to ChuckNeverMuck for reporting.

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