• .Ohf MP: WebCash Gen3.dll + PT3

This CASH Gen3 profile is designed for OpenHoldem & Cash games.



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WebCash Gen3 .dll + PT3



Small and mid stakes MTT.



Cash games



OH v2.1.9.3 & v2.1.9.4



 $ 399,- dollar

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More PT3 code.



WebCASH Gen3 + PT3:

- Cash Gen3 is an advanced version of the Gen2 profile.
- The profile is integrated in the OpenHoldem bot by .dll.
The Gen 3 has (more) PokerTracker 3 code (then the Gen2), for real time Player Statistics decissions/gameplay.
- You can play up 10-20 bots simultaneously depending on your computer specifications.
- You will receive 4 files: WebCashGen3dll. dll,  WebCashGen3.ohf, WebCashGen3dll.lic + Instructions.pdf  



WebCash Gen3 is an advanced NL Hold'em full ring cash profile. It focuses on playing (100-200) bb deep stack TAG (16/12) strategy and has the ability to use PT3 stats to profile opponents and attack their weaknesses. Plays very tight in early positions, and quite loose in later positions (to steal at the right opportunities. This profile has the ability to recognize when there are 2 or more short stackers at the table (40 bb or less) and quickly sitout until the table becomes full of deep stacks again. The best feature of this profile is the ability to read and make decisions of players stats read directly from the PT3 database. Some of these stats include: VPIP; PFR; HANDS; STL%; FSTL%; etc.



Place all files directly in your bot folder and load the ohf file in your bot... 
This will then automatically load the dll. Then repeat for as many bots as you have paid for. 


.Ohf MP: WebCash Gen3.dll + PT3

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