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v2.1.8 2011-01-15
- OH tried to get the symbol "scraperprocessordll" from the tablemap
  instead of "scraperdll". Thanks to Vasyatko and Want2Learn for reporting. [THF]
- The formula editor was handling unsaved formulas in several different ways (inconsistently).
- The action constants for prevaction were no longer consistent to WinHoldem
  due to code improvements. Thanks to Qwerty for reporting. [THF]
- srankbits, srankbitspoker, srankhipoker, etc. were returning incorrect
  results due to missing brackets in an arithmetic expression.
  This has now been fixed. [JumpingFences]
- OH tried to read the complete function into the fixed-sized space for the functions name
  and then truncate it. This caused a buffer oberflow in case of large functions.
  Thanks to KaeKruse for reprting the bug and providing a formula to reproduce it. [THF]
- There were some typos in the symbol names used by the validator.
  This caused false positives. Thanks to MasterNet for reporting. [THF]
- Betround was undefined after disconnecting from a table,
  but still used as part of an assertion. This caused a warning in debug-mode and got now fixed.
- Added a missing Sleep() to the autoplayer-code between two clicks for the new allin-method.
  Without it clicking max, then raise didn't work at some casinos.
  Thanks to Poker_Dog for reporting and to Qwerty for submittina a patch. [THF]
- icm_fold could be wrong, because we assumed the pot is splitted
  between non folded opponents. This is a bug, current bets should not be splitted, 
  but only the common pot. The bets of folded players should be given back. [Spud]

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