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v4.0.3 2013-02-24
- ismyturn did not always work, because the symbol myturnbits
  was undefined at some point.
  Thanks to AlCapown3d for finding the problem.
- There was a problem accessing certain scraper-data.
  However this was duplicate data, so we could simply fix the problem
  by cleaning up the data-structure.
  Thanks to R2D2 for reporting the problem and providing us some helpful screenshots.
  !!! Attention! This change affects the interface to custom scraper-preprocessor-DLLs. 
  !!! For details see: http://www.maxinmontreal.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=174&t=16140
- The height of the "white-box" of the OH-GUI does automatically adapt
  to the numbers of log-symbols to be displayed, but was a bit too small.
  Thanks to SuperBlak for reporting.
- Various minor fixes (typos in symbol names, forgotten debug-preferences for some modules, etc...)
  Thanks to Nik0 for reporting.
- MicroSofts window-positioning functions did rearrange the complete desktop
  when called with an empty list of windows. This behaviour was not desired 
  and has now been fixed.
- Improving the log-file-format (version-info, loaded DLL and TM)
  for better trouble-shooting.

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