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v2.1.9.3 2012-01-25
- Some checkboxes of the debug-preferences had no effect 
  and didn't keep their values. This has now been fixes.
  Thanks to [???] for reporting. [THF] 
- Returning 0 instead of ERR_INVALID_EXPR for unknown memory symbols.
  This way the evaluation doesn't terminate and we can continue
  with a "reasonable" value. 
  This is especially important for the first use of a symbol
  or for debugging of complex formulas, where the initialization
  can not be guaranteed. [THF]
- Removing currentbetX cap for FL games. [Strikles]
- Whenever OpenHoldem finds an unknown symbols it tries noe
  to prepend a prefix "f┬žOpenPPL_" and then evaluates again.
  This way is more robust for OpenPPL-users, especially
  for OpenPPL-symbols in memory-expressions. [THF] 
 - Partial implememtation of new symbol "isfinaltable",
   which is required for OpenPPL. Full implementation
   (OpenScrape + TM) in OH 2.2.0; ATM we always return false. [THF]

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